After knocking out a solid run this morning it is feeling good to be back outside. Last week I got bogged down with some kind of head cold + chest cold + flu monstrosity. While it racked up some quality pillow time it also knocked my training plans off track, which is something I’m sure you know all too well.

While laid up I had time to think about what else I could do to best help you all with your training? That’s when the obvious smacked me over the head. I can show you how I come back from my own setbacks!

Life throws plenty of roadblocks and surprises in our way. Staying consistent and on track is one of the most powerful keys to progress and is also a wily beast to master. I figure being straightforward about how I get back on track to achieving my own goals should bring out some quality lessons for you.

It is also extra accountability to motivate me in reaching my goal!

So with the deadline for my latest fitness goal looming about two months out I am going to start documenting the steps I take to move past a week’s worth of sickness setback.

To kick this all off I should probably clue you in on what it is I’m trying to accomplish…



After doing years of long distance triathlon and wanting a new challenge I figured what better than trying to be my best at the exact opposite distance my body was currently conditioned to race.

So in an attempt to break a ten year old personal best I recruited a training buddy and away we trained to break a five minute mile. I came oh so close in May 2015 posting a 5:02 at a local mile road race and then let other life goals move up in priority.


It has now been two years of letting that goal float around in my consciousness as unfinished business.


Lesson Learned:

If I regrouped after that race and trained another month I’m positive I could have checked this goal off the to-do list. I would have been ready to move on to a new goal with more confidence and a clearer conscience rather than it looming over my day-to-day.


When You Life Serves You Lemons…

Just because I have let two years pass doesn’t mean this unfinished goal defines my prowess as an athlete. It doesn’t mean I do not do what I say I am going to. Time to prove that I can always turn things around.


Now is a prime opportunity to reaffirm that I can and hopefully pass on some quality training strategies and tips along the way.



My focus shifted after that 5:02 finish. My business took up increasing chunks of my time, my daily schedule varied. Doug and I did speed work in the winter and spring of 2016, but it was intermittent and lacked real purpose. This led to a poor showing at the mile in May of 2016, which fueled fall speed work.

My aim became to finish 2016 fresh by checking the sub five minute mile off before New Year’s day. On December 18th, 2016 I logged a 5:09 on the IC indoor track. Close again, but doesn’t count. Life and weather conspired in the final weeks of the the year and as the ball dropped I had listen to that little nagging reminder I had not finished what I started.

After once again coming close, but still missing the mark I mixed it up. More of my training time got devoted to the gym and lifting. Eventually checking off the goals of deadlifting and squatting two times my bodyweight.

I had set these goals as part of a bigger strategy. To build momentum, rejuvenate mentally and rack up some personal wins.

That demon of a five minute mile still nagged me, but first I wanted some fresh fitness wins to get me back on track. Little steps I could build on. These strength goals did just that, building my confidence and enthusiasm into the spring.



Presently spring is on its way to upstate New York and it is finally getting easier to get back out on the track. My next shot at goal completion is a little over eight weeks away. This year Doug’s focus has changed and while we still train together our goals are split. He is committed to running a qualifying time for the 2018 NYC Marathon at a half marathon and my goal is to be done with this sub five minute mile.



Since January I’m averaging 15 miles of running a week. This has been supplemented with on going lifting twice a week and an average of 1.25 hours of cycling each week. Within the last month that run mileage is up over the 20 mile per week mark with long runs of ten to thirteen miles.

March second we did a 1600 on the outdoor track in heavy wind and I came in hurting at 5:30. Two weeks ago a hard set of 800’s and 400’s showed promise. Then sickness knocked me off track and here we are.

An unexpected setback, but fully committed to smashing that five minute mark in June! Oh and since I have so generously given myself a two year extension I thought it only fair to up the ante.

After gaining my strength back through the winter I’m not quite ready to run it all away so, I will be setting a personal best in the mile and matching my PR in the deadlift within a week after that record setting run.

That’s right I’m attempting to have my cake and eat it too. Talk about peak performance. I am attempting to be my fastest and strongest.


Each week I’ll put out a summary of the past week’s progress, errors and lessons learned. Be sure to like the TGB Training Facebook page to stay up to date and catch the stories and pics along the way.



I am documenting this for you so please let me know if this is helping you, or if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask. Drop me a line via social media or through the comments on the blog posts.

For those of you also trying to get back on track join along with me and let me know what you could use some extra help with.


Happy trails!