About TGB Training

Further? Faster? Just want to finish? TGB Training was established to support our clients in making endurance sports a healthy part of their lives. We realize you have friends, families, jobs and other passions outside of sports. We do. Each of your workouts is selected with a purpose. No junk miles just goal oriented training.

It doesn’t matter whether you are training for a 5k, an Ironman, or to lose a few pounds. Whether you are trying to qualify for Worlds or to beat your best friend at this year’s turkey trot. We work with all abilities, ages and goals. TGB Training is here to provide the information, motivation and training strategies to keep you living life, while training to achieve your fitness goals.

Coming back from an injury? We will work with your physician to devise a safe and measured strategy to get you on track.

Equip endurance athletes with the knowledge, experiences and workouts that help them achieve their fitness goals.
Less can be more. Training for a triathlon or endurance race does not have to be an all consuming journey. In fact it is just as rewarding and more enjoyable when it is not. Many of our athletes are pleasantly surprised they can achieve their goals putting in less weekly hours than originally expected.
To support you all the way to the finish line!


Satisfied Clientele


Brian Olmstead
Brian OlmsteadDirector of Improvement
Brian has been immersed in competitive sports for more than 20 years. He has been training endurance athletes for over a decade and held an A.C.E. personal training certification for just as long. A consistent top three age-grouper with close to 100 races under his belt. Brian contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience to his leadership at TGB Training.