Heyooo! The holidays are over and New Year’s resolutions have you excited to put some rubber on the road. Only one issue… That road is covered in ice. Yes it is time for the bike trainer!

Many a tri fiend swears at this device while others swear by it. I side with the later.

If you are one of those brave souls that deep down enjoys the challenge of an arctic workout then I solute you. In my younger years I would have been out there with you. Okay I am not that old, but old enough to have fallen on plenty of ice patches, rusted out many a chain, numbed plenty of fingers and toes, and ruined weeks of good training with colds to know when it is best to stay indoors.

An indoor bike trainer should be part of any triathlete’s bag, garage, or home of gadgets. Whether you have ambitions of grandeur on the race course or are just looking to get across the line this device will provide high quality workouts if you let it.

Hate it or love it?

When I hear someone say they loath their trainer 9 times out of 10 it is because they get bored on it. In my experience working with a wide range of athletes that boredom can be easily remedied with interval based workouts. Breaking a workout into smaller portions makes it much easier to digest.

Focusing on 5 or 10 minutes sounds a lot easier than tackling an hour. Am I right?

So along those lines here is a simple trainer workout that breaks the work into 10 minute segments. It will help to get you comfortable back in the saddle. Build your base, and increase your cadence.

Bike trainer workout 1

The warm up is broken into short intervals to maintain focus while the 20 second pickups are enough perk up muscle fibers that have gone into hibernation. these spurts also help with muscle coordination which can smooth out your pedal stroke.

After a few of these sessions feel free to decrease the time between pickups from 10 minutes down to 5, but overall the intensity of this should be moderate.

Look for more workouts to come and be sure to let me know how this worked for you!

Happy Trails 🙂