My online account is setup. Now what?2016-12-08T22:24:18-05:00

Once your online account has been setup we will contact you with your sign-in information. Log into your account and take some time to get acquainted with the system. It can be a lot to take in at first, just go slow and explore it. Review the schedule and make sure that there are no conflicts. If you need to move a workout simply drag and drop it to another day in the Calendar View.

Calendar View is the default view. This provides a quick overview of your schedule. If you would like a paper copy it can be printed using the icon in the upper right of the screen. Just be sure to keep track of your workout information and enter it into the online log.

When you first log in the calendar will show upcoming workouts. As you knock these out be sure to enter the information associated with each workout into the log. This information is stuff like the distance you completed, duration, interval splits, etc. Since your coach is not physically with you for every workout this information is critical to filling them in on your progress.

The more information you enter the better your chances of achieving your goals.

The clearer your coach understands what you have been up to the better they are able to help you.

How do I transfer workout data from my training device to the log?2016-12-08T22:24:18-05:00

Moving data from a training device to your online log requires a program called the Device Agent. This program must be installed on the computer you are using to facilitate the transfer. The Device Agent program is provided by TrainingPeaks, the company who maintains our online log.

You can download the Device Agent for free at their website by clicking here.

Documentation on how to install, configure and use the Device Agent can be found here.

(If any of the above links are not working please contact TGB and we will assist you in getting this setup.)

What devices are compatible with the online log?2013-10-05T17:49:47-04:00

You are able to upload workout information from a long list of training devices, and that list is growing daily. The log supports many devices from Garmin, Polar, SRM, CycleOps (Power Tap), Quarq, Timex, RacerMate (Computrainer) and Tacx to name a few.

The log is provided and maintained by TrainingPeaks. A full list of the supported devices can be found on their site here: http://support.trainingpeaks.com/compatible-devices.aspx

Abbreviations Used In Workouts2014-05-27T09:52:04-04:00

(Abbreviations, terms & training phrases are listed in alphabetic order)

BPM: Beats Per Minute

BUILD: Start slow and build speed within the rep. Often used in swimming workouts.
4x 50 Build = 4x 50 yards of starting easy and building pace gradually throughout the 50 yards.

CADENCE: The number of pedal strokes, swim strokes, or foot steps you take in one minute.
90 rpm: Cycling cadence of 90 revolutions per minute or if applied to running, 90 steps per minute

CD: Cool Down. The end of a workout, generally done at a low intensity, used to encourage recovery.

DRILL: Choose a drill that targets your limiters. Often used during the warm up period of swim, bike or run workouts.

DESC: Descend, or make successive reps faster.
Desc 2-2 means to get faster every two reps for a total of 4 reps.

FINS: A swim training aid used to strengthen the kick and maintain proper position in the water while completing drills

HR: Heart Rate

HRM: Heart Rate Monitor

MPH: Miles Per Hour

MS: Main Set. The middle portion of a workout containing the primary focus of the workout.

N/S: Negative Split. Meaning to complete the second half of a Rep faster than the first.

PULL: Swim with a pull buoy between your thighs.

PULL BUOY: A swim training aid used to lift the legs into proper position and strengthen the shoulders.

REP: Repetition, or the act of completing an exercise, or interval, one time.

RI: Rest Interval. A period of recovery noted in time or distance. If distance keep the work effort very low to allow for adequate recovery.

RT/LT: Right/Left swim drill. Half the distance is done using only the right arm, then only the left arm. Unused arm stays at your side.
4×50 rt/lt (20″RI) = 4x 50 yards. Each interval is done as 25 right arm only, 25 left arm only with a 25 second Rest Interval.

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute. The number times you complete a rotation of the cranks each minute on the bike.

SET: A given number of repetitions, or Reps.

TT: Time Trial. Generally high intensity effort used to test fitness, measure physiological changes, or mimic race situations.

WU: Warm Up. The beginning of a workout, generally of lower intensity, used to prep the body for harder work

Where do I find my HR zones?2016-12-08T22:24:18-05:00

To find your zones click on a workout in the “Calendar” view. This will bring up a pop up window. Then click the “HR Zones” tab. If you use a heart rate monitor that is compatible with the log (check here) you can upload your workouts to the log and the HR Zone information will automatically be filled in for you.

FYI: HR zones are customized to the type of exercise. For example run HR zones tend to be slightly higher than bike zones.

What if I can not do a workout on the day it is scheduled?2013-10-05T07:28:23-04:00

Life happens. If your schedule allows it you can move the workout to another day but be sure to ask yourself:

Does the new arrangement provide enough recovery?
If it is a hard session, is it within 48 hours of another high priority workout?

“When in doubt leave it out”. There is no need to get down about missing a workout. Sometimes other parts of our lives take priority and we have to let workouts go. Take the recovery time and go into the next session fresh and focused.

Can I move workouts?2013-10-05T07:05:26-04:00

Yes, workouts can easily be moved in the Calendar view by dragging and dropping.

How do I sign in?2016-12-08T22:24:18-05:00

Go to www.TGBtraining.com and scroll down to the “Log Sign In” box. Enter your username and password that was provided when you signed up for your training plan. Please be aware that passwords are case sensitive. If you are unable to log-in or can not remember your information please contact us.

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