Biomechanics of Running, Part 1

Submitted by Ian Golden

What will follow is a discussion of running form, or biomechanics. Historical and contemporary views on the topic as well as a synthesized vision of a recommended whole will be presented. Ultimately, it is possible that there is no more efficient form aside from the one your body is finding at this […]

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A Technical Analysis of Gait & Running Shoes

Contributed By: Ian Golden

I. Biomechanics

Brunnstrom’s Clinical Kinesiology, in an introduction to the topic, divides walking gait into stance and swing phases. They indicate that in the stance phase contact is made first with the heel strike, and only in pathological conditions do other parts make first contact. Walking is often characterized by a period of […] 2.0

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The new and improved is up and running. The site has been fully revamped to meet your insatiable need for eye candy, better access on the go, social integration and ongoing articles and reviews.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We love to hear your […]

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Bike Pace Chart


Below is a chart of biking paces for a variety of common triathlon distances.

These are direct conversions not predictions.

Use the chart to look up your triathlon race distance and the average pace you expect to cover the distance in. With the race distance and estimated pace you can find how long it will take to finish […]

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Run Pace Chart


This is a chart of run paces for a variety of common triathlon distances.

These are direct conversions not predictions.

Simply find the triathlon race distance at the top. Then scroll down to the average pace (in minutes per mile) you expect to hold. At the intersection you will find the time it will take to cover the […]

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