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Onward Ho!

I had a fantastic run this morning! The route was nothing new. Same houses. Same hills. Same beauty. All the landmarks I have come to expect, but a WHOLE new adventure!

Don’t you love it when life feels like a gift and not a worn out record?

This run brought that feeling out by the buckets. It was the start of a grand adventure for me and the work I’m doing for you, my clients and readers. It’s what Dr. Steven Covey would call a paradigm shift.

On this run I challenged myself. This wasn’t a call to run faster or farther. I wasn’t setting my mind in fierce determination. I was opening it to the possibilities that lie ahead.

I had decided to set out on a journey to make a bigger impact on people’s lives with my business. I am excited because making that decision will lead me to ask more of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. This is very similar to when I aim for a fitness goal.

I recognize taking a new route with my business requires newfound confidence, continued motivation, focus, and strategic planning. I will also benefit from awareness of my fears, a clear goal to work towards, and the endurance to get it done.

Sounds a lot like planning and executing on a fitness goal right? If not, you haven’t worked with me.

The Power of Play

I remember when I came out of college and took on the role of a newbie professional. It was intimidating. I was low man on the totem poll, but I could always draw on my experiences in exercise and sport for support. Whether it was confidence, perseverance, teamwork or a slew of other great traits and skills my training experiences from years of soccer, crew, hiking, mountain biking, running, skiing and other adventures were always there for me. More importantly they were there for me in a way my friends and family couldn’t be. They were the foundation of my ability to be independent and comfortable with myself.

During today’s eye opening run I was asking myself what drives us to be better? We all have an inherent drive to change for the better in some aspect of our lives, to ask more from ourselves. We struggle in different areas of sport and life, but we share a desire to challenge ourselves. Not only that, but I’m guessing if you landed on my site you ENJOY asking more of yourself.

As I reminisced on years of training experiences the word “PLAY” came to mind. Those memories were fun and exciting. They were also demanding and trying, but even when times were rough they were fulfilling and felt productive.

Those experiences let me try try… fail… pick myself up… and try again. I’m sure you can agree this can be a very empowering formula:

Try plus fail plus regroup plus try again equals success

These are steps you can look at and probably nod your head thinking “Makes total sense”. Maybe you are remembering a time in your own life this relates to. For how powerful and positive this can be, more often than not I see people get caught up on the FAIL portion of this formula.

All too often we turn this formula into the heavy weight of:

Work flow chart

I have come to name each of these equations:

“PLAY” and “WORK”.

Can you guess which is which?

Can you guess which is the future of TGB?

Back to Running

Out on my run I was flying high. I knew I was helping my clients make exercise an integral part of their lives and they were seeing results. In the past I had even surveyed them asking: “Did you achieve the goal you hired TGB to support you in pursuing?”

100% of respondents answered YES.

That made me feel good though maybe slightly skewed.

I knew I was making an impact but I also had been having this nagging feeling. You know, the one that tells you you could be doing more? I reviewed my coaching efforts in my head as I ran down the road, sun on my face and I knew the voice was right. There was more to give.

Maybe there was a way to bring that moment I was having on my run to others? That happiness. That joyful fitness moment that I would carry forward and use to enhance my health as well as the other areas of my life.

I could help others achieve those same kinds of moments.

That nagging little voice said, “And….?”

And… I realized FEAR was holding me back.

I wanted to help even more people than I had in the past, but I was afraid that expanding my business would take up so much time and effort I would lose the freedoms in my life I so highly valued.

As I felt that fear start to rain down on my run I remembered something I read from Tony Robbins.

And then I decided. I decided I had the power to believe what I wanted. I said goodbye to the fear and committed to the unknown being even better than today.

There was no longer any other option and it would be amazing!

Moving forward

I am a man on a mission.

It is my goal that in the year 2017, TGB will have helped 1000 people experience the value of integrating fitness and personal growth.

So what does this mean?

TGB has always stood for helping you meet your fitness goals in a way that maintains a healthy balance with the other areas of your life. Now I am taking it a step further and will actively guide those I work with to translate their fitness gains into successes at work and at home.

This also means I need to scale up and fast. One thousand people is a big step up for me. Normally I cap my monthly clients at 10-15 people. In order to effectively help 1000 people integrate fitness and personal growth on their own schedules TGB is going virtual.

Without going into too much detail, upcoming is an internet based workshop series you can follow from wherever, whenever. I will be teaching my proven training framework and helping you set yourself up to crush your fitness goals. Not only that, but you will be taught how to take the lessons learned from your training experiences and turn them into big wins at work and at home as well.

I want all of those I work with to be able to walk away from their training experiences with a new found internalization of PLAY and be comfortable applying the formula below seamlessly in all areas of their lives.

Try fail regroup try again success

No matter what your sport and what your goals TGB will be here to help you. I will guide you to become more aware of the wealth your training experiences hold. I will also show you how to leverage those experiences for success in any area of your life.

Wrap Up

AHHH! It feels so good to put that out there. I hope you can feel my excitement because there are awesome times ahead.

Join me in taking on this adventure. If integrating your fitness and personal growth for big wins sounds like something you want to get on board with, or at least know more about scroll down and click the button below. You will be added to the workshop email list where I will be teaching strategies and habits to deal with being knocked off track by external events and how to get back on track. Once you are on the list you will also get early access to all the other great resources as they roll out. The best part is its free!

If you are as worked up as I am and need a way to participate NOW share this with a buddy, or someone you know that would benefit from getting in on this. Pass it along on your favorite social media. Hell, go ahead and leave me a comment below to let me know how this might help you.

I am looking at this as a team effort. This is a brand new way to teach my framework and those that get in on the ground floor will get opportunities unlike any others afterward. It is sure to be a special experience for all of us.

Oh I’m pumped and I look forward to our adventure together. There are great times ahead!



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